Avionord is the main Italian Airline Company that is able to provide a complete specialized service of Air Transport for Medical Teams and Organs for Transplantation.

The Avionord Air Transport of organs intended for transplantation represents the flagship for the Company, which over the years has specialized in ensuring safety and punctuality and attentive assistance to medical personnel engaged in missions of removal of organs.

Recognized experience and professionalism

For years, Avionord has been successfully dealing with the air transport of medical teams and organs for the main Italian hospitals, with which it has developed a relationship of mutual respect and trust.
An in-depth knowledge of hospital dynamics, deriving from the multidisciplinary that characterizes Avionord services, and a great experience, gained over time, in direct contact with hospital managers and staff, make the Company a reference and a guarantee for doctors engaged in organ transplantation.

The transfer of Organs by Avionord:
How does it develop?

An aircraft equipped with systems to safely house organ containers and an experienced crew at the complete disposal of the Hospital

An intervention that covers every stage

From the moment Avionord receives a request for Transport of Team and Organs for Transplantation, a process starts with a professional organization and flight team as protagonist, which will follow in detail every aspect of the mission.

Complete support and continuous presence

A fleet of airplanes equipped with specific compartments for organ containers ready to go, crews with pilots always available guarantee a quick and efficient intervention.
Avionord has always operated following very strong ethical principles and has made reliability and professionalism a modus operandi.
From taking charge of the Team and Organ Transport Service, our Flight and Ground Team will be at the complete and total disposal of the Authorized Representative Hospital.


Avionord si pone come un aiuto concreto.
Mettendo a disposizione di strutture ospedaliere tutta la sua competenza, per ogni tipologia di intervento, Avionord ha sempre come scopo finale quello di salvare vite umane.

GISTO system

A complete management model for organ transfer

GISTO management model

Avionord has developed an exclusive Organ Transfer System, called GISTO (Gestione Integrata del Sistema di Trasferimento Organi – Management Model of the Organ Transfer System)..
A complete system that meets the requirements of the Italian and EU regulatory provisions for the safe transfer of organs, from the removal operating table to the transplant operating table. GISTO is a system that is based on: standardization of processes, traceability (temperature monitoring and geolocation) in real time and reduction of human error.

GISTO Management system

GISTO is a Complete System that allows the total traceability of each stage of transport and guarantees the arrival of the organ at its destination in the shortest possible time.
GISTO uses state-of-the-art health equipment installed on each Avionord aircraft, so as to offer any medical team flying our helicopters the best technology available for re-perfusion and more.

Equipggi di Volo


Avionord has 22 direct employees between captains and co-pilots, all with great and proven experience, who scrupulously follow the aeronautical provisions and the strict company rules, allowing for 24/7 activity 365 days a year.

Centrale Operativa


With an Operation Center at Milan Linate airport, Avionord avails itself of a team of qualified operators who are operational 24 hours a day.
Routes and weather conditions are constantly monitored in detail, to always guarantee maximum passenger safety.
The entire Avionord fleet offers Jets that are always ready for take-off.

Staff Tecnico


The complete and certified technical staff for assistance and maintenance of the aircraft in the maintenance hangar is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The entire Avionord fleet offers Jets that are always ready for take-off.


Avionord has a health hangar at Linate Airport for the exclusive use of the company that allows the transfer of patients from the plane to the ambulance in a totally protected environment.

Avionord Hangar Sanitario

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