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An highly specialized Private Airline Company

Avionord is a Company with strong connotation of experience, seriousness and competence.

A Private Airline Company active since 2008 in Air Medical Transport which is headed by Mr Eugenio Cremascoli.

Avionord Chi Siamo: Eugenio Cremascoli

The fields of intervention of Avionord

Medical Flights with Laerjet airplanes

Trasporto Organi e Medici

Transfer of Organs for Transplantation

Distribution of equipment for re-perfusion of organs destined for transplantation

The exclusivity of Avionord Service


Avionord is characterized by an impeccable coordination between its Operation Centre and the Sanitary Facilities involved in the individual operations.
This allows you to organize and complete flights quickly, ensuring total monitoring of operations and absolute safety of missions.


Avionord aircraft are always ready to fly. A Hangar intended for a maintenance workshop, at Milan Linate airport, and several teams of Certified Technicians on site, allow coverage of 24-hour operations.

Competence and availability

Avionord guarantees flight personnel made up of Commanders and Co-pilots ready for departure at any time and to cover mission activation times within 2 hours of flight confirmation.
The Avionord team of pilots has 22 professionals who allow us to offer maximum availability for any type of emergency.


Avionord has patented an exclusive Organ Transport system, called GISTO.
GISTO can be define as an Integrated System that allows total traceability of each stage of transport and allows the organ to arrive in the best possible conditions.



The history of Avionord begins when Mr Cremascoli, together with his family, decided to take over the Avionord Airline, then owned by the Lombardy Region. The following years were dedicated to numerous investments in each business sector to start a rapid process of growth and consolidation.

The goals of the new Ownership were to Renew its Fleet by inserting a large number of twin-engine jet aircraft, to organize internal maintenance and to completely reorganize the ground and flight personnel.

Avionord Chi Siamo: Divisione Medicale

The introduction of the Medical Division

The experience of Mr. Cremascoli has developed for decades in the Hospital Supplies Sector with particular reference to the preparation and management of complex hospital departments with a high technological content (hemodynamics, interventional radiology, cardiac surgery operating rooms, intensive care).

Avionord: a Renewed Society

On the strength of this background, the New Company immediately wanted to add a Medical Division to the flight activity with the commitment to design, manufacture and distribute products and equipment for the organs to be transplanted.

Avionord Chi Siamo: Divisione Medicale

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